The South Uk's 

Conservatory, Orangery & Glass Room Valeting Company...


The South Uk's 

Conservatory, Orangery & Glass Room Valeting Company...

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Southern Conservatory Valeting specialise in the very niche market of professional conservatory, glass roof and orangery cleaning, offering our services throughout the South region of the UK. Unlike some companies who advertise a form of valet as an addition to their services and who may lack the correct knowledge and equipment, our experienced team's and fully equipped van's are set up to only clean and valet conservatories and glass roof structures to the highest of standards.

It is typically recommended that conservatories are cleaned on an annual basis by a professional who can safely and effectively carry out the clean using approved methods whilst also checking for any damage, slipped panels or areas of concern that may otherwise go un-noticed, leading to premature failure of the conservatory.  If our team do find any areas of concern, they will always notify you of the best method of repair or who best to contact regarding a repair.

Conservatory Valeting Specialists


Lead Stain Removal Service

When lead flashing, usually found at the top of a conservatory when being joined to brickwork or render, begins to "bleed" a chemical reaction has begun. This is called lead oxidation. When the lead oxidises and runs down the glass a small amount of mineral lead is left behind, overtime building up to a rainbow effect on the top of the glass. This can not be scraped or polished off and must be chemically removed using a specialist product that will not effect the glass or seals.


uPVC Deep Cleaning & Polishing

Sometimes a quick wash down with water just wont be enough to shift years worth of dirt let alone getting into all the joints and seals to remove ingrained moss and debris.

Staining of uPVC can be very unattractive and can appear as a greyish dull appearance. We use a specialist blend of cream surfactants to deeply cleanse conservatories inside and out to leave uPVC in a refreshed condition.

Ceiling Blind Service

Conservatory ceiling blinds have been hugely popular with glass roof conservatories and when installed can create shade and help reduce some of the direct heat and glare into the living space. 
Roof blinds do however require an annual maintenance service to reduce the risk of staining from dead insects and mould in the winter months.


As experts in conservatory valeting our cleaning service is not just your typical local window clean. Our experienced valeting team's will comprehensively deep clean and valet your glass structure inside and out, top to toe using a range of specialist equipment. We will clean your glass living space using the best blend's of cleaning agents and equipment to achieve outstanding results, potentially leaving your structure the envy of friends and relatives. We’re able to clean all of your structure internally and externally, including the hard to reach places such as valley's and ridges, leaving your conservatory roof, frames and glass spotless and maintained for the year ahead...



Exterior Valeting Services to keep your conservatory looking great and maintained for the year ahead



Interior cleaning service to remove cobwebs, mould and general dirt from your living space



For best results or for an initial deep valet we advise using our Premium Valeting Service

Cleaning Conservatories to The Highest of Standards


Conservatory Valeting carried out by an expert

Southern Conservatory Valetings Patented Hot Cleaning System

Conservatory Maintenance & Repair

Here at Southern Conservatory Valeting we enjoy maintaining and cleaning glass room structures almost as much as our customers enjoy using them as part of their living space. Having as much knowledge about conservatories as we do would be pointless if we didn't share some information about the most common questions and queries we are asked when we are carrying out any one of our valeting services.

How often should a conservatory be cleaned and washed?

Conservatories and glass roofs should be cleaned on an annual basis to remove daily build up of dirt and grime from the structure. Using an expert company will mean your extension will be cleaned safely and effectively whilst ensuring any moss or debris build up from hard to reach areas such as roof seals and roof windows will be removed. By having an annual clean you will also reduce any chance of staining on UPVC and any potential issues can be identified sooner.

My self cleaning glass isn't working and is very dirty looking, what's wrong?

We like to call "self cleaning glass" "low maintenance glass" as it will still require periodic cleaning from time to time. Self cleaning glass can certainly reduce the amount of dirt that bonds with it but does very little in the way of keeping seals, joints and the framework clean. If it appears to be dirty chances are there is a thin build up of dirt on the surface and it will need a clean to reactivate the self cleaning properties of the glass. Don't forget that the glass is exposed to all sorts of atmospheric contaminants on a daily basis such as traffic pollution, dust, tree sap and bird guano. 

The pane above the window light has blown, why has this happened?

Sometimes the small windows above the roof vent's will blow. We believe this is due in part to the small size of the window and also the extra seals that increase any movement in that area causing the glass to flex a little more than it usually would. This is a very common problem and usually the lower panel and roof vent will need to be removed to allow for a replacement top pane.

Our roof glass has a silver, rainbow effect build up on the surface, can this be removed?

Yes, this can be removed. This is caused commonly by lead flashing bleeding onto the glass and the minerals being carried down with rain and deposited. We can remove this hideous staining as part of our Premium Valeting Service. Please note that we do not use a mechanical method for removal and that scraping the glass will not work, we treat the staining with a specialist chemical.

How can we reduce the build up of mould inside the conservatory?

Conservatories in the winter can be very cold places if little or no heating has been incorporated into the room. If there is heating in the room we advise opening a window on drier winter days and closing them on damp or wet days to allow the roof to breath and air to circulate. If your conservatory is particularly damp it may be worth investing in a dehumidifier to remove excess dampness from the room.

If you have a question that is not listed above, why not send us an email or reach out to us by our contact form to see if we can be of any assistance to you. Many non customer's have reached out to us and we have been able to offer some advise or assistance where needed.