Premium Rejuvenating Conservatory Valet Service...

If your conservatory, orangery or atrium roof hasn't been valeted professionally for a long time or if your looking not only to clean but also enhance your living space, our Premium Valet service may be exactly what your looking for.

This service is our most popular for a "first time"  conservatory service. It includes cleaning, polishing and protecting your conservatory inside and out. Please note that this is NOT the same as an inside and out clean.

Upvc polishing and sealing service.

Self cleaning glass re-activating.

Window and door shuts cleaned and hinges serviced.

A comprehensive conservatory valet to renew the look of a tired space...

This service is our most popular valet choice for customers who really want to make an impact on their conservatories appearance. The Premium valet we offer tackles ingrained staining, white Upvc discolouration and the cleaning of window and door shuts.

Our Premium valet is more regarded to as a clean and service to a conservatory as each and every element is cleaned, polished and inspected. Door and window hinges are lubricated and if any problems are found we can usually recommend a company to repair or replace that item. Minor leaks can be repaired onsite and these include gutter drips.

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The Internal Valet

The roof frame is treated with a pre-treatment applied by a hand sprayer. This breaks the bond of any dirt, mould and other contamination before being removed with a microfiber cloth.

The framework is then polished to remove any ingrained dirt within the very top layer of Upvc. This reveals a fresh new finish, much like when compounding your car. Drip trays and end seals are then also cleaned.

The roof panels are cleaned using a traditional method before being followed up with a "clay mitt" to remove any fine and ingrained contamination before a second clean using the traditional method for a streak free finish.

The Upvc can then be treated with a UV protectant and sealant to build a layer between the freshly exposed finish and any future dirt, making future maintenance cleaning much easier.

Window and door casements are next on the agenda, we clean them of debris and clean the shuts of mould and grime before treating the locks and hinges to a fresh coating of a silicone based lubricant.

Side frames and glass can then be cleaned, polished and protected using the same method as the roof, window sills are also cleaned. 

The External Valet

All external roof framework is treated with a pre-wash to begin breaking down any bonded contamination. We leave that to dwell whilst we set up the conservatory ladder to gain safe access to the roof ridge. 

We clean by hand all roof finials, roof ridge, framework and endcaps before polishing to reveal a fresh and much brighter finish. The roof panels are then cleaned for the first time as we work our way around the roof.

Gutters are cleared of any debris before being cleaned and polished to remove any black streaks. Particular attention is paid to the end caps and gutter joints to ensure as much discolouration is removed.

The side framework is then rinsed down and treated with the pre-cleanser before being hand cleaned using a wash mitt. The frame is then polished along with the sills. Any moss will be removed from joints.

The conservatory then receives a full thorough rinse down before using pure water to give a last clean and rinse of all glass for a streak free finish. A protective coating can now be applied in the form of si02 or carnauba based sealants.

(This is an extreme deep valet and detail of a conservatory and cant be compared to what most local window cleaners offer).



Our Premium Conservatory Valet has been recommended by customers and installers for the deepest of details...

This is the service we enjoy carrying out the most due to not being held back and being able to do the best job we possibly can to leave a fully refreshed looking living space.

We offer a 6 monthly or yearly maintenance valet for a discounted rate once a Premium Valet Service has been carried out. We hate to see a conservatory left to deteriorate when we have put as much effort in as we do with this level of service.

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