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Conservatories make a fantastic addition to any home. They can however attract many spiders and flies, leaving there mark on the frame and glass with cobwebs and fly poo. Mould and bacteria can also be found in conservatories, especially in colder months due to condensation.

Most conservatories we clean have an abundance of flies in the drip trays, spiders and cobwebs in the corners and mould on the frame. Why not let us provide a deep clean to remove any potentially health damaging mould and bacteria from your living space.

Family & Pet safe cleaning products used.

No smears or streaks left on the glass.

Covid-19 Safe practices observed.

Brighten your living space with a professional, safe clean...

We at Southern Conservatory Valeting understand how difficult it can be to clean the inside of a conservatory or orangery. After all, most conservatory roofs can be quite high and out of reach to be able to clean from ground level.

Our staff are equipped with all the correct equipment such as podium steps and step ladders to allow us to provide a safe and efficient interior clean from roof ridge to door sills. With Covid-19 we are practicing many safe practices including working alone where we can instead of working in teams.

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We use a fine mist pressure sprayer to apply a pet and family safe cleanser to all roof framework before we use microfiber clothes to wipe away the cleanser along with any dirt and grime we come across.

Using detailing brushes and cleaning pic, special attention is paid to corners. The roof panels are then cleaned using a traditional mop and squeegee method for a streak free finish.

Any drip trays are cleaned and the side framework cleaned using the same method as the roof. Side panels are cleaned traditionally and the sills then wiped over.

By using a cream cleaner we will also polish out any kick marks on the lower door sills. 



We have heard many horror stories from customers of floors being stained, buckets knocked over etc...

We use protective floor coverings to ensure all debris or insects are captured and to prevent any damage to the floor below. All the floor coverings we use are also waterproof.

Any liquids we use are kept in trigger sprayers or pump sprayers to prevent any spillages and also make our job easier. Any painted walls will be left splash free due to the methods and precautions we use.

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