Looking For An Interior Valet?...

Getting mould, cobwebs and those pesky fly poo spots of your conservatory roof can be quite the chore, especially without the correct equipment to safely reach all areas. We have had customers attempt an inside clean themselves before giving up once realising how difficult standing on a set of steps with their arms above their head all whilst looking up and trying to clean can be. Then there are the streaks on the glass, and that little bit that just cant be reached, not even on tip toes. Our interior cleaning service will thoroughly clean all framework, bars and panels to leave your room looking refreshed.



  • Firstly we lay down a protective dust sheet on the floor and cover any large furniture that may remain in the room.

  • Using pump sprayers we apply a light mist of eco friendly cleanser to all roof framework and roof bars to penetrate any dirt and grime.

  • Using plush microfiber cloths and a step ladder for access we begin wiping away all mould, dirt and grime from the roof bars and frame paying attention to the ridge and any vents where fitted.

  • The roof panels or glass is then cleaned using a dedicated glass cleaner applied with a window cleaning applicator, scrubbed and the squeegeed off for a streak free shine.

  • Any touch up's are the carried out on the roof and end caps. Any side vents are then cleaned.

Exterior Valeting Services to keep your conservatory looking great and maintained for the year ahead

Interior cleaning service to remove cobwebs, mould and general dirt from your living space

For best results or for an initial deep valet we advise using our Premium Valeting Service

  • The time comes to tackle the side frames, panes and sills. We use the same methods as with the roof only with the addition of a stiff detailing brush to get into corners.

  • A fine polish is then used around exterior leading doors to remove ingrained dirt and staining.

  • Any protective covers are then removed, one final check over and the interior valet is complete.

*Please note that any house doors and windows leading to the conservatory will not be included in the price. We can add these to the valet service if requested.


The silicone has gone black and mouldy, can you clean this?

Unfortunately we can't clean silicone once its gone mouldy. We can however remove any silicone and replace it where required. Not all silicone will require replacement as sometimes an over excited installer will apply silicone in places where it is simply not needed and over time will make the joint look messy.

Does the room need to be empty?

We suggest emptying the room as much as possible. However large objects such as sofas, book cases and dining tables can remain. We will cover any remaining furniture with dust sheets and move a little if required for access behind or above.

Our conservatory has a tint film fitted, does this matter?

We can clean all types of glass tint without causing any problems. If the tint is in poor condition however we may advise removing it or having it replaced.

Our conservatory has ceiling blinds, can you still clean it?

Yes, we are very experienced with conservatory blinds. If you have ceiling blinds fitted we will also include our blind care service as part of an Interior Valet Service. This is because we will need to remove one end of the blinds from the ceiling to allow for access to the frame and glass. 

If you have any concerns regarding any of our valeting service's please contact us and ask to speak to Tom.