Blind maintenance Service...

We have been told by numerous customers about the difficulties they have faced when trying to find someone to maintain and service conservatory blinds. Some blind installers offer a period of blind servicing for the length of the warrantee period, but after that they no longer want to know. We offer a blind service where we will lower, vacuum, clean the strings and re-fit conservatory ceiling blinds. We can even remove ceiling blinds completely and insert screw caps to hide any holes.



  • We remove the blinds from one end by releasing the blind clips, commonly spring clips.

  • Using a vacuum brush attachment on our vacuum we gently remove dust, dead insects and any other loose contaminants from the blind's fabric.

  • The strings and chords are cleaned using a damp cloth.

  • Any blind frames are then cleaned.

  • Blind's are then rehung and the chord's re-tensioned.

*Electrically controlled blind's when left un-serviced for long periods may require re-synchronizing so they work in order and stop in the correct places.


Can you remove mould and stains from the blind's?

We no longer offer an ultrasonic wet blind cleaning service due to the high cost's related to offering such services. We used to remove the blinds, pack them safely and take them to our warehouse for cleaning before returning a week later to reinstall. This service used to remove the majority of stains and mould marks.

Do you also clean the inside of the conservatory?

We can carry out a blind service as a stand alone appointment or in conjunction with any of our valeting services.

Do you have your own ladders and equipment?

Yes, we always only use our own equipment including vacuum, step ladders, work platforms etc.

When is the best time to clean the blinds?

We advise cleaning your blinds during the autumn months. This is because by then the insects have gone but also because after autumn the weather tends to be damper, this is when most staining of blinds can occur. We se very little point in cleaning blind's in the spring when the dead bugs have been left sitting through the winter, the insects will also return during the spring and summer months.

If you have any concerns regarding any of our valeting service's please contact us and ask to speak to Tom.