Conservatory Roof Blind Care Service...

Conservatory roof blinds have become ever increasingly popular due to the aesthetic pleasing look and feel they give to the room. Particular attention should be paid to pleated blinds to keep possible staining to a minimum and we advise a yearly maintenance service to help prevent this.

Roof blinds come in manual and electric forms and we can carry out a maintenance service to cover both options. Some minor staining can also be removed from some blind material types.

Blinds are lowered from the frames.

Blind strings are cleaned and adjusted where required.

The blind strings can be adjusted.

Are your blinds in need of being dropped and cleared of insects and dust?

Southern Conservatory Valeting understand how difficult maintaining conservatory roof blinds can be, with motorised blinds proving even trickier to keep clean. We offer this service as part of an internal clean or as  a standalone service.

By having extensive inside knowledge of how conservatory blinds are manufactured and should be maintained, we can provide a safe and efficient blind clean to keep your blinds looking there best for years to come. We can even apply a protective coating to help prevent future staining to blind that are 3 years old or less.


We remove the blinds from the brackets so access can be gained on both sides.

By using a modified vacuum, we remove decaying insects, cobwebs and dust from the material.

The blinds framework and strings are cleaned using an APC and microfiber cloth.

The blinds are re-hung and the strings adjusted where required.

If your blinds are 3 years old or less we can apply a nano coating to protect against future mould and staining.

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