Looking to Keep Your Room Maintained?...

Not every customer want to have the frame and glass polished to an as new condition and to be fair, not every conservatory requires our Premium Valet Service. That's why we offer a less intensive Standard Internal & External Cleaning Service. We still clean all frames, panes and sills inside and out but don't take the extra steps like window casement cleaning or PVC polishing of the framework.




  • We lay down protective dust sheets on the floor and any remaining furniture before applying a fine mist of cleaning agent from a pump sprayer to all roof frame work.

  • Using a microfiber cloth, we clean all roof bars, frame and decorative covers before wiping away with a new clean, plush microfiber towel.

  • The roof panels being polycarbonate or glass is then cleaned to leave a smear free finish.

  • End caps and vents are then also cleaned. We will clear out any drip trays and ledges of bugs and insects too.

Exterior Valeting Services to keep your conservatory looking great and maintained for the year ahead

Interior cleaning service to remove cobwebs, mould and general dirt from your living space

For best results or for an initial deep valet we advise using our Premium Valeting Service

  • The side panes, frames and panels are then cleaned before being buffed to to a shine.

  • The sills are then cleaned before any protective covers are removed from the room.


  • The whole roof is treated to a generous coating of our conservatory cleanser to begin the breakdown of dirt and grime. This is left to dwell for several minutes.

  • Gutters are cleared and unblocked of any debris and the exterior of the gutters are cleaned.

  • The whole roof is then cleaned and rinsed, including any finials, ridges and endcaps.

  • Side frames, panels and sills are then cleaned and rinsed.

  • All glass is then cleaned using pure water from the van to leave a streak and spot free shine.

  • Sills are then given a final wipe down to complete the clean.


Do you remove cobwebs and spiders?

Oh yes, we love removing spiders from conservatories. We typically use our vacuum with a special adapter to remove cobwebs quickly and easily.

Does the room need to be empty?

We suggest emptying the room as much as possible. However large objects such as sofas, book cases and dining tables can remain. We will cover any remaining furniture with dust sheets and move a little if required for access behind or above.

Can you remove the lead staining on the glass?

We can remove lead staining, however we only include this service with our Premium Valet Service. We can however offer you a separate quotation to include lead stain removal.

Our conservatory has ceiling blinds, can you still clean it?

Yes, we are very experienced with conservatory blinds. If you have ceiling blinds fitted we will also include our blind care service as part of an Interior Valet Service. This is because we will need to remove one end of the blinds from the ceiling to allow for access to the frame and glass. 

If you have any concerns regarding any of our valeting service's please contact us and ask to speak to Tom.