Premium Valet Service

Sometimes a conservatory or orangery requires more than just a standard clean. We have developed methods to not only clean but to also polish the framework and restore the glossy appearance your conservatory once had.

Southern Conservatory Valeting provide an expert and unique solution to conservatory cleaning throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight and Oxfordshire. Our unique conservatory cleaning formulated cleaning agents have been designed to specifically target everyday grime, mould and algaes that form on both the framework and panels of your conservatory. When our chemical cleaners are used in conjunction with our specialist cleaning tools and equipment we can achieve incredible transformations to how your conservatory may appear. Conservatories require some type of cleaning on a regular basis to keep them in pristine condition but not every homeowner has the time or means to see to conservatory cleaning. Southern Conservatory Valeting offer an affordable and cost effective regular conservatory cleaning plan that can be pre booked 6 monthly or 12 monthly and will dramatically help to keep your conservatory in tip top condition and not to mention save you potentially thousands of pounds in repairs if moss is allowed to damage your conservatory sills. Our conservatory cleaning service covers all of england although we typically operate across Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, WIltshire, Surrey and berkshire. Are you looking for a national conservatory cleaning company? Are you looking for a local and honest conservatory cleaning company? Southern conservatory valeting will cover any property across england to aim to transform the look of your tired conservatory. Southern conservatory valeting cover all of hampshire and dorset to valet conservatories little and large, old and new to both rejuvenate and maintain your conservatory investment for years to come. 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Let Our Team Revive Your Living Space

Our Premium Valeting service is for when your conservatory or orangery has not been professionally cleaned for a long time or for when you require a more intensive and detailed valet to remove natural staining and weathering both inside and out. This is our most popular service with our customers. We also offer an annual maintenance clean once this service has been carried out to keep your conservatory looking fantastic.  Please note that this service is carried out to a very high standard and is not comparable to our standard conservatory cleaning services. This is because we decontaminate and polish all framework to remove staining and greying before applying a wax to the frame to help repel dirt for the year ahead.


Please note that this service is typically carried out on conservatories 5 years and older. This service would not be carried out yearly. We offer an annual maintenance clean once this service has been completed.



What Our Premium Valet Includes


This service covers both the inside and outside of your conservatory.

Step 1 - Inside Valet.


  • Starting with the inside we lay down a protective floor covering. We then pre-treat all areas for cleaning.


  • We clean the internal window & door casement's to remove grime.


  • Locks and hinges are lubricated with a long lasting silicone based lubricant.


  • The internal framework is fully cleaned working from the roof down.

  • All framework is then polished to reveal a gloss like shine.

  • All glass work is pre-treated, clayed and then cleaned for a clear and crisp shine.


  • Any hard to access areas are cleaned using crevice tools and detailing brushes.

  • The sills are cleaned last.

Step 2 - External Valet.


  • A pre-treatment spray is applied to all external conservatory surfaces to begin breaking down contaminants.


  • We begin with the finials on the roof and work down, we clean, polish and then wax all roof bars.


  • The roof panels are cleaned, then rinsed with pure water. An aqua coating can then be applied if required.*


  • Gutters are cleared and cleaned to ensure un-obstructed water flow to the down pipes.


  • Side frames and sills will now be cleaned, polished and waxed before the glass is treated to an initial clean.


  • All side windows and the doors will then be re-cleaned using pure water to leave a clear and crisp shine.

Please be aware that this service is not the same as having an inside and out clean carried out. This service has been designed to take a conservatory that may not have been professionally cleaned for some time or where a standard clean is not enough to leave a gloss finish to the framework. This service can not always be carried out if your conservatory has been uPVC painted since instalation.

Protective Coatings


We typically apply a basic layer of protection with our Rejuvenating Valet, this is so that all our hard work we have carried out wont be gone to waste. We use a ceramic based sealant on the framework that lasts approximately 12 to 18 months making future cleaning much easier and building a barrier between the surface of the frame and any potential contaminants.

Southern Conservatory Valeting can apply a range of surface protectants such as carnubra based wazes, ceramic infused waxes for longer lasting protection and even H9 ceramic products that offer upto 10 years protection. It should be noted that these products are designed for protection and although dirt is much less likely to stay, will still require correct periodic cleaning using the correct methods. If incorrect cleaning practices are carried out the life of protection may be shortened.