Our Premium Conservatory Valeting service is our most popular valet for new customers who's conservatory or orangery hasn't been professionally valeted for a long time or even ever! This service is completely carried out by hand both inside and out and allows our valeter's the time to clean, polish and enhance your living space so it looks the very best it can. We even apply a protectant to all framework forming a protective barrier to help keep UV damage to the bare minimum, this also make's future maintenance cleans much easier as dirt will stick to the coating and not become ingrained in the frame itself.  


The Interior

  • We lay down protective dust sheets on the floor and any remaining furniture before applying a fine mist of cleaning agent from a pump sprayer to all roof frame work.

  • Using a cream cleanser in addition to a microfiber cloth, we clean all roof bars, frame and decorative covers before wiping away with a new clean, plush microfiber towel.

  • The roof panels being polycarbonate or glass is then cleaned. Glass roof panels are treated to a mild glass polish for an enhanced shine.

  • End caps and vents are then also cleaned and polished. We will clear out any drip trays and ledges of bugs and insects too.

  • The side panes, frames and panels are then cleaned with a cream cleaner before being buffed to to a shine.

  • All window and door casements and returns are cleaned and the locks and hinges lubricated. All side glass is then cleaned to leave a streak free result.

The Exterior

  • The whole roof is treated to a generous coating of our conservatory cleanser to begin the breakdown of dirt and grime. This is left to dwell for several minutes.

  • Our conservatory ladder is then set up for safe access to the roof, gutters are cleared and unblocked of any debris.

  • The whole roof is then cleaned, rinsed, and then polished to remove as much staining and ingrained dirt as possible to leave a much brighter finish.

  • Any lead staining is treated and removed from the glass and PVC before the whole roof recieves a final full rinse down.

  • The endcaps are cleaned and polished along with the exterior of any guttering to remove grey marks and staining. The roof is the protected with a wax sealant.

  • Side frames, panels and sills are then cleaned, polished and rinsed before being protected.

  • All glass is then cleaned using pure water from the van to leave a streak and spot free shine.

  • Any last touch up's are made and the protective covering's from the inside are removed. This completes your Premium Valet Service.

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