Conservatory Blind Care


Do your conservatory blinds need the bugs removed?

We know a lot about conservatories and especially the blinds that can be fitted as a good option to provide some additional shade and insulation. Over time they will attract dust, cobwebs and bugs. Over time they can appear unsightly and can benefit from being dropped and given a good clean using a modified vacuum.

Why not get in touch to see how we can help clear your blinds...

An effective method for keeping your blinds looking great...

Why not take the stress out of keeping your blinds clean by allowing us to provide an annual blind service designed to help prevent staining from problematic decaying bugs and old cobwebs. We can lower the blinds from the frame work and gently brush away the bugs by using a modified vacuum. No liquid or detergents are used so any staining can't and won't be removed.

The Interior.

We laydown a protective floor covering before setting up our step ladder for safe access to the roof blind brackets and clips.

The blind fabric is lightly brushed using a soft brush attachment on the vacuum. This agitates and loosens dead insects and dust from the fabric.

Using a special blind clip tool, we can unclip the blinds from the frame and lower them in preparation for cleaning.

Blind frames are cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth. The wires are then given a wipe down also.

Blinds are refitted and adjusted where required for a correct fit.

Please be aware...

This service is carried out entirely at the owners risk. We can not be held liable for any damage caused to blinds from improper previous maintenance. This service is not an ultrasonic blind clean and mould or staining will not be removed.